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God's Men is a men's fraternity that was formed August 06, 2008. The existence of the organization is based on our church vision, which simply states that: "The family structure of our community will be restored and families can live a lifestyle according to God's word without compromise." God has created the man as the head of his family. We recognize that this is a great responsibility and an important role that requires teaching and training to be executed the way that God has intended. Therefore, GOD'S MEN was formed with the following agenda and goals.



To grow in our relationship with God and each other. To be servant leaders in our homes, church, occupations, and community demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.



To unite as Christian men, fulfilling our special calling to support the church, our families, and our community through godly character. Exercising our spiritual gifts, applying our skills to the best of our abilities, to bring glory to God and advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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