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New Visions GOD'S MEN is a men's fraternity that was formed August 06, 2008. The existence of the organization is based on our church vision. God has created the man as the head of his family. We recognize that this is a great responsibility and an important role that requires teaching and training to be executed the way that God has intended. {more}

(Just Everyday Women Extending Love 2 Sistas)

New Visions experienced growth during the year of 2007. During this time several women expressed their need for a women's ministry. Needs such as mentoring young women, a book club, retreats, conferences and most of all fellowship in and outside of the church was made known. Shortly after this time, a kick-off Mother's Day breakfast was held at Ryan's Restaurant on May 12 and an official meeting followed on May 27, 2007 at New Visions. {more}


One thing for sure was not the lack of youth in our church. Our focus is to empower our youth and equip them spiritually. From the beginning, we have witnessed growth and revival. Here at New Visions, you will find that we are passionate about our youth ministry and the future of our youth. {more}


Preschool Class...ages 2-5  Elementary Class...ages 6-11        We provide this ministry to lead children to Jesus.

In King's Kids: children discover Who God is, learn of His Unconditional love and what He expects from All of us. {more}


In order to achieve active membership status, all New Visions World Ministries Church members must meet the requirements and graduate from class 101-Discovering Church Membership, Class 201-Discovering Spiritual Maturity, Class 301-Discovering Your Ministry and Class 401- Discovering Your Life Mission. {more}

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